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This price is for a studio portrait. 

For custom event and location pricing please use the contact page.

How long does it take? 

A single portrait takes about 15-30 mins to make. We will clean, scan and varnish the plate for later delivery. Turn-around is typically one week. 

What should I wear?

Anything! You can dress up in turn of the century garb or everyday clothes. Textures and patterns  look great in collodion. You may want to avoid wearing logos or words because process records backwards (like a mirror). 

What all do I get?

You get the original plate(s) and a digital file of the image(s) as well. 

There are spots, streaks and marks on the image, is that normal?

Absolutely, inconsistencies are totally normal to the process. The photographs  are handmade and will often have artifacts such as fingerprints, faded spots, etc. Most people find these characteristics endearing.


Can you photograph my children or dogs?

Dogs, unfortunately no. Older children, sure! We use equipment to help people stay still during long exposures but please keep in mind that the sitter may have to hold their pose for 15 or more seconds. This can be challenging even for some adults. 

Can I buy a photo for someone else? 

Sure! Just let us know and we can send a gift certificate to you or the recipient.

4 x 5 inch .............................................$55

10 x 12 inch .........................................$155

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost? 

Click below to purchase via PayPal. Gift certificates will be mailed at no charge. Delivery/shipping can be discussed at the time of shoot. Please specify your needs during checkout. Thanks!  

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